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Brazillian Butt Lift

without Surgery

For many women, buttocks shape and size are important parts of feeling good, desirable and normal.

Most women compare themselves to a cultural idea of beauty. Having a Brazilian buttock lift procedure can greatly improve self-esteem for many women. It can make a woman feel more like the ideal by noticeably improving the way she views herself

What is the I-Lift technique?

This technique is used to lift loose skin or flabby soft tissues of the buttocks. Traditional lifts require the surgeon to make large incisions, but with the I-Lift Technique very small incisions are made and using long internal sutures enables the surgeon to contour and shape the buttocks without resorting to invasive and complex surgery.

Your procedure

The I-Lift Buttock technique uses small skin perforations only to suture and lifts up the soft buttocks tissue to the fascia in the sacrococcigeal region. It is a perpendicular fascial tissue fixing the skin to the sacrum, very useful to hold the heaviness of the buttocks tissues. The patient is usually under IV sedation and local anesthesia, and does not remember the time of operation that lasts about 10-20 minutes. The sutures fix the very fibrotic tissue of the buttocks higher to the sacral fascia. 

The effect is more projected and higher positioned buttocks.

The I-Lift threads   

The thread of the suture is semi-elastic and permits tissue to move, but tissue needs time to fix the suture.

No muscles are sutured, only fibrotic tissue. The Thread butt lift method lifts the own soft tissue of the patient (Natural, higher, more projected, without foreign bodies). 

Your new figure

Getting used to a new figure can be a satisfying and even exciting experience as you and those around you learn to appreciate your new, more shapely figure.

Exercises engaging leg and buttocks muscles are permitted after 45 days.

What are the benefits of the I-Lift?

• No general anesthesia 

• No scars, only very small puncture wounds

• Minimal bruising 

• Rapid recovery and return to normal daily activities

• Very high safety profile

• Less costly than traditional techniques

• A more natural look

When can i see the results & what is the recovery from Buttocks I-Lift like?

You will see results immediately after the procedure.

General anesthesia is not used for your surgery so you will be able to drive yourself back home.

Rest is recommended for the first few days following surgery. A post-surgical corset is usually worn for several days. Most discomfort associated with buttock I-Lift can be controlled with oral medication prescribed by your surgeon. Antibiotics may also be prescribed. Most women experience mild swelling, bruising and tenderness. These symptoms should subside in a short period of time. Your surgeon will advise you on a proper schedule for returning to your normal activities.

Most patients are back to work within the first week. Regular physical activity may be resumed in 4 - 6 weeks

Following your cosmetic buttock I-Lift, you will enjoy a new, more pleasing shape, with more comfortable buttocks that are in better proportion to your physique.